Minapadi – Discover the fundamentals of Minapadi

What is Minapadi?

Minapadi is a combination of rice and fish farming. This combination of farming maximizes both the production of fish as well as the harvest of rice by utilizing the puddles in rice fields to grow flood-resistant rice as well as fast-growing fish. Not only does Minapadi maximize land efficiency, but growing fish also promotes the principles of Integrated Pest Management by eating pests and weeds.

What You Will Get From Our Minapadi Program?

  1. Learning about rice farming from scratch to harvest
  2. Entertaining outdoor activities
  3. An introduction to aquaculture
  4. Learning about the process of food production
  5. Increased food awareness

Learning About Rice Farming From Scratch to Harvest

Rice is a staple food for the majority of Indonesians and it holds an important place in Indonesian culture. We seek to foster the appreciation for food as kids learn about the process, effort and care put into rice farming to bring rice from the farm to the plate.

Entertaining Outdoor Activities

Entertainment and learning often do not go hand in hand. However, here in Inagro, you can learn and have fun while doing so! One fun activity is that kids will get the opportunity to learn about plowing the soil with the assistance of buffalos. Don’t you want to see a buffalo close up? Because I know that I do! Come and find out about all the other fun ways we can learn about rice farming.

An Introduction to Aquaculture

Aquaculture is considered an important practice to meet growing food needs. Here at Minapadi, you can immerse yourself in learning about how different food production methods, such as aquaculture, is on the frontlines of guaranteeing food for our future generations. Don’t miss out on the fun! You’ll have the chance to attempt catching fishes and ducks in our ponds!

Learning About the Process of Food Production

Agriculture is often not taught to children in classrooms which is more of a reason to come to Inagro to experience our Minapadi program! Here in Inagro, agriculture and food production is what we strive to teach. At Minapadi, we teach both traditional methods of food production incorporated with more recent sustainable methods of food production.

Increased Food Awareness

Did you know that Indonesians waste around 115-184 kilograms of food per capita each year? Food waste is a massive problem and one way we contribute to this problem is by not finishing our meals. We hope to create a lasting impression on kids so they not only learn to avoid wasting their food, but also learn to appreciate the food on their plates and acknowledge the effort that goes into it.

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