INA Zoo – Discover the fundaments of INA Zoo

What is INA Zoo?

INA Zoo is Inagro’s program that gives individuals the opportunity to get a closer look at farm animals to better learn and understand them. In Inagro, we have a variety of animals, some including buffalos, peacocks, deers and more. Individuals will be able to engage in activities with these animals and learn about the different forms of care needed for each animal to grow healthily.

What You Will Get From Our INA Zoo Program?

  1. A better understanding of how an animal farm operates to its harvest
  2. Develop an understanding of a wide range of animals
  3. Develop a sense of rural-urban connectivity
  4. Experience a buffalo back ride

A Better Understanding of how an Animal Farm Operates to its Harvest

Farm animals are critical to a sustainable agricultural system. They provide a wide range of benefits through generating additional resources such as manure for fertilizer and on-farm power, and they also graze grasslands that promote the health and biodiversity of lands. Therefore, it is not only important to learn about the growing methods of farming, but also the role animals have within the practice.

Develop an Understanding of a Wide Range of Animals

In INA Zoo, individuals will be able to interact with animals that are not found in cities. Other than the common dog and cat that many individuals are already familiar with, individuals will expand their knowledge about less common animals such as buffalos, deers, and more. Not only will individuals learn about a wider range of animals, but interacting with animals can also teach values of connection, such as empathy and care.

Develop a Sense of Rural-Urban Connectivity

Have you ever seen a buffalo in a city before? I’m guessing not. Urban areas like cities close us off from the beauty of nature and its animals. By coming to Inagro, you can escape from the compact, loud, and unhealthy air of the city into an environment that is spacious, calm, and full of fresh air. You also will encounter animals that you might have never seen before and have fun while interacting with them! Give the program a try and you might realize that leaving the city to relax in nature from time to time is a lot more fun and relaxing than you may think.

Experience a Buffalo Back Ride!

Inagro would not be Inagro if fun was missing from the picture. Come and try INA Zoo’s most exciting activity: a buffalo back ride! Many who have tried it could not stop talking about how new of an experience it was and how fun!

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