Discover the Fundamentals of Urban Farming

What is Urban Farming?

Urban farming is growing or producing food in a city or heavily populated town or municipality. With our urban farming program, we aim to teach individuals to live sustainably by teaching them how they can grow their own food within urban areas. We incorporate sustainable agricultural practices in urban farming by using biopesticides and organic fertilizers to serve our purpose of sustainability by teaching and supporting individuals on how they can guarantee and environment for our future generations.

What You Will Get From Our Urban Farming Program?

  1. Learning about rice farming from scratch to harvest.
  2. Know how to maintain plant growth.
  3. An introduction to hydroponics and aquaponics.
  4. A gained interest in agriculture.

Learning About Rice Farming From Scratch to Harvest!

Rice is a staple food for the majority of Indonesians and it holds an important place in Indonesian culture. We seek to foster the appreciation for food as kids learn about the process, effort and care put into rice farming to bring rice from the farm to the plate.

Know How to Maintain Plant Growth

Having children learn about plant growth is very beneficial to their educational and skill growth. Not only is it a fun activity, but it enhances their responsibility, self-confidence, love for nature, and many more. This program also gives an opportunity for kids to learn more about science and get hands-on experience in applying what they have learned.

An Introduction to Hydroponics and Aquaponics

Traditional agriculture is scrutinized due to the adverse effects it has on the environment – depletion of natural resources, contamination of water sources, misuse of synthetic chemical inputs, and many more. Therefore, soilless production systems like hydroponics and aquaponics have become innovative methods of agriculture that provide growers with the benefits of growing plants while minimizing its detrimental environmental effects. Inagro values teaching children about these innovative methods that do not harm the environment so come and join us to learn more about them!

A Gained Interest in Agriculture

Agriculture is often not taught to children in classrooms which is more of a reason to come to Inagro to experience our Urban Farming program! Here in Inagro, agriculture and food production is what we strive to teach. With our Urban Farming program, we seek to teach children about the role of agriculture has in providing the food they have on their tables. Agriculture is also a huge contributor to Indonesia’s economy as our country’s lands are an array of vast and abundant fertile soils.

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