Benefits of Tabulampot

10 reasons to start growing your plants in pots!

  1. No Space Constraints
    You don’t need to have a yard! By growing your plants in containers, you can have them on your balcony and near your window.
  2. Easily Mobile
    You can easily move your containers around to suit your needs and to suit your plant’s level of sun or shade it needs to grow effectively.
  3. Ideal for Beginners
    Growing your plants successfully in containers is significantly easier than growing them in the ground outdoors. You avoid the back-breaking labor of weed management and pest-and-disease control.
  4. Weather Isn’t A Problem
    When growing your plants in containers, you have the ability to control the temperature and its growing season. You won’t need to wait for the right climate for it!
  5. Time Efficient
    Growing your plants in containers is less time-consuming when you can group your pot-plants together. Less time is spent walking, watering, and more.
  6. Decorate Your Home
    Why not add a touch of natural beauty to your home? Decorating your house with pot plants will add color and freshness to your living space and it’s a unique way of doing so!
  7. Natural Air Purifiers
    Plants naturally clean the air. Indoor plants as well as their soil microorganisms can clean the air of cancer-causing volatile organic compounds.
  8. Save on Water and Fertilizers
    Plants in pots and containers require much less water as water loss due to evaporation is minimal. In addition, fertilizers applied in containers will last longer as the limited amount of soil in containers allows the fertilizer to remain concentrated.
  9. No Tillage Required
    Tilling the ground disturbs the natural organisms that guarantee a healthy garden. By growing plants in pots, you do not have to worry about damaging the soil and can focus on maximizing its suitable growing environment!
  10. Go Green!
    Join the farm-to-table movement and what’s a better way than growing your fruits at your own home? You can play a role in sustainability as well.

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