Arts & Crafts: Discover the fundaments of our Arts & Crafts program

What is Arts & Crafts?

Arts and crafts describes a wide variety of activities involving making things with one’s own hands and skills. It’s a fun method of exploring your creative side and expressing it through art and crafting. Since arts and crafts is related to anything you make with your hands, plants can even be used for it! Some examples include basket weaving, pressed flower craft, and more. It is a hobby for many people because it is a fun activity and also helps train your motor skills.

What You Will Get From Our Arts & Crafts Program?

  1. A shared passion for arts & crafts
  2. Learn new skills and knowledge
  3. Train your motor skills

A Shared Passion for Arts & Crafts

Today, many kids use technology to stay have “fun” and stay entertained. Although technology is important to learn and is suitable for kids when used in moderation, excess use of technology has many drawbacks. Therefore, introducing arts & crafts to kids is a much more beneficial way to keep them entertained. Kids can express themselves, strengthen their creativity, and inspires them to think critically. Many kids do not have develop a passion for arts & crafts because they are never introduced to it. Therefore, Inagro is a great way of kickstarting a passion for arts & crafts by introducing your kids to a new and valuable way of having fun.

Learn New Skills and Knowledge

The arts is not a popular interest when compared to sports or academics. By coming to Inagro to learn from our arts & crafts program, you will be introduced to an uncommon skill that will come in handy when practiced continuously. In addition, there is no loss with learning a new skill! Learning new skills will give you the benefits of having a better idea of what you want you want to do in the future, you become a better learner, and you adapt better to change.

Train Your Motoric Skills

Arts and crafts require children to use their hands in a certain manner which helps them develop fine motor skills and coordination. Painting, coloring, glueing, cutting, and more, all help develop fine motor skills and it only continues to improve the more they do it. The benefits of training motor skills of children is that it allows them to do more on their own! From eating by themselves to tying their own shoelaces, you’ll be able to see your kids grow to be independent more quickly than expected.

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