A Brilliant PPKM Activity: Gardening

Gardening is a Popular Quarantine Activity.

Gardening has become an increasingly popular quarantine activity. Many people desire to become more self-sufficient and have begun growing home-grown products. In addition, people feel like it is a great way to stay connected to the outdoors and life during times of uncertainty and isolation.

“I’ve struggled with all of these feelings in quarantine and caring for my own plants has helped me tremendously.”

The popularity of gardening has boomed during quarantine due to its many benefits that help people cope with feelings of isolation. The psychological and physical benefits of gardening are scientifically proven for both indoor and outdoor gardening!

The Psychological Benefits of Gardening

  1. Helps Raise Self-Esteem
  2. Lowers Stress
  3. Improves Your Overall Mood

Many people feel stressed, bored, frustrated, and fearful during lockdowns and being confined to your home might make it hard for people to find ways to make themselves feel better. If you’re feeling these negative psychological effects, give gardening a try. Studies on gardening show that it stimulates the brain’s release of dopamine and serotonin which are “feel-good” chemicals!

The Physical Benefits of Gardening

  1. A Chance to Improve Your Diet
  2. A Great Source of Exercise
  3. Boosts Air Quality Indoors

Growing your own fruits and vegetables in your home-garden encourages you to add them to your diet! Additionally, gardening is a great source of exercise and can burn up to 135 calories. The benefits don’t end there, for those who do not have the option to grow plant outdoors, growing plants indoors is proven to boost air quality and can protect our bodies from harmful particles.

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