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September 1, 2021

  • Benefits of Tabulampot

    10 reasons to start growing your plants in pots!

    No Space ConstraintsYou don’t need to have a yard! By growing your plants in containers, you can have them on your balcony and near your window.Easily MobileYou can easily move your containers around to suit your needs and to suit your plant’s level of sun or shade […]

  • Minapadi – Discover the fundamentals of Minapadi

    What is Minapadi?

    Minapadi is a combination of rice and fish farming. This combination of farming maximizes both the production of fish as well as the harvest of rice by utilizing the puddles in rice fields to grow flood-resistant rice as well as fast-growing fish. Not only does Minapadi maximize land efficiency, but growing fish also […]

  • INA Zoo – Discover the fundaments of INA Zoo

    What is INA Zoo?

    INA Zoo is Inagro’s program that gives individuals the opportunity to get a closer look at farm animals to better learn and understand them. In Inagro, we have a variety of animals, some including buffalos, peacocks, deers and more. Individuals will be able to engage in activities with these animals and learn […]

  • Waste Management – Discover the fundamentals of our Waste Management program

    What is Waste Management?

    Waste management is the activities and actions required to manage waste from its inception to its disposal. This includes the collection, transport, treatment and disposal of waste. Waste management takes on many different forms including unsustainable practices such as landfills and incinerators as well as sustainable practices like recycling and sorting. At […]

  • 10 Benefits of Gardening With Kids

    Gardening Engages All 5 Senses.Gardening allows kids to explore and use all 5 of their senses. Seeing the different colors of the plants, touching dirt, smelling flowers, tasting a freshly-picked fruit, and hearing the crunch when eating a vegetable they grew, are just the few ways that kids engage with their 5 senses in the […]

  • A Brilliant PPKM Activity: Gardening

    Gardening is a Popular Quarantine Activity.

    Gardening has become an increasingly popular quarantine activity. Many people desire to become more self-sufficient and have begun growing home-grown products. In addition, people feel like it is a great way to stay connected to the outdoors and life during times of uncertainty and isolation.

    “I’ve struggled with all of these […]

  • Discover the Fundamentals of Urban Farming

    What is Urban Farming?

    Urban farming is growing or producing food in a city or heavily populated town or municipality. With our urban farming program, we aim to teach individuals to live sustainably by teaching them how they can grow their own food within urban areas. We incorporate sustainable agricultural practices in urban farming by using […]

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